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Body Contouring

Providing Everything You Need

Body Contouring

Non surgical body contouring devices are increasingly becoming more popular in the aesthetic market. The Endymed 3DEEP RF is a non-invasive technology option available that works with your body’s natural rejuvenating process to make the changes you want to make to your body,  without the need of invasive procedures that carry risk and long periods of after treatment downtime.

ENDYMED has three extremely effective 3DEEP RF body TC handpieces – the Contour, the Shaper and Mini-Shaper – that provide amazing long-term results for:

  • Circumference reduction

  • Cellulite reduction (the Contour handpiece is amazingly effective for cellulite reduction. The Contour combines 3DEEP’s deep volumetric heating with our unique fractionated pulse vacuum technology to reach a heating depth of 26mm, unparalleled in the industry!)

  • Arm tightening

  • Thighs and buttocks tightening

  • Waist and abdomen tightening

  • Knee tightening

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